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Although the name may indicate otherwise, Tiger sighting in the wild is not the main attraction at Buxa. Even the locals have rarely seen a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild. The main attraction is the forest and its natural beauty, also the diverse ethnic people and their culture adds to the beauty. A number of forest Jeep Safaris are available at Buxa which will take you to the core area of forest.


The Jayanti river passes through Buxa Tiger Reserve. The area around the river is known as Jayanti Hills. There is a small village next to the river also called Jayanti. The Jayanti village used to be a major town in the area before the area became a tiger reserve. The place has lost its significance since then and today it is only a small village. The wide expanse of Jayanti river and Bhutan hills on the other side is a nature lovers delight. Several movies have been shot here making the spot instantly recognisable to connoisseurs of Bengal movies.

Buxa Fort

15 kilometres drive and couple of hours hike would take you to Buxa fort from our resort. The fort  was under the Cooch king for many years before being taken over by the British who used it to jail political prisoners. A number of leading figures of India’s Independence struggle have spent their term here. Today the fort provides a rare combination of a tourist site of both historic and natural significance.

Other important tourist attractions around include Raimatang, Sikiajhora, Lepchakha, Hatipota etc. The Bhutan boarder is about 30 kms and can be visited as part of a day outing. The Jaldapara forests are also about an hours drive away.

A number of places in the core area of Buxa Tiger Reserve is not accessible to tourists any more. Some of these places may be accessible from time to time depending on latest forest department regulation. Tourists need to check with forest department about the places where tourist activity is currently allowed.

Mahakal Cave – A couple of hours trek from Jayanti would take you to Mahakal cave. The cave is of significant religious importance for locals. The location of the cave is within Bhutan but there is not much restriction on visiting the cave. However one needs to cross the Jayanti river on foot to reach the cave and this is possible only during the dry months. Jayanti Mahakal cave is full of stalactite and stalagmite formation and is quite interesting for tourists. You must hire a guide before venturing for the cave.

Narathali Lake – A natural lake between the core and buffer area of the forest. This is a bird watchers paradise. Rules regarding visiting Narathali Lake is not consistent. During winter months there is a better chance of being allowed to visit the lake. Check with forest department for latest regulations.

Pukhuri Hill at Jayanti – This is another major attraction among tourists. The lake on top of a hill has fishes and turtles. The trek route to Pukhuri passes through beautiful Sal forests. There is a watchtower on the way at Tashigaon. Status about permission to the Pukhuri hill needs to be reconfirmed.

Glimpses of Tourist Attractions at Buxa

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Entrance to Buxa Forests
Entrance of Buxa Fort
Inside View of Buxa Fort
Ruins of Buxa Fort
Trek To Buxa Fort
Sadar Buzar Village at Buxa Duar
Santalabari Village inside Buxa Tiger Reserve
Brahmini Ducks Besides Dima River. 1.5 kms from Dreamalaya Resort
Leopard Pagmark near Dima River
Coochbehar Palace
Palace of Cooch King at Coochbehar
Pukhuri Hill Lake
Trek to Pukhuri Hill
Trek to Pukhuri Hill
Catfish in Pukhuri Lake
Turtle in Pukhuri Lake near Jayanti
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